Anodizing Experts & Consultants – Know Thyself First!

Anodizing Experts & Consultants

anodizingequipment.comLet’s say that your company is outsourcing a lot of anodizing. And you have made the decision to bring anodizing in house. You got on the internet or found a trade publication and contacted a couple of anodizing equipment companies and maybe even got a few bids.  The problem is that you are not sure you know all of the facts.  You have a nagging feeling that something is missing, you are right!

It is one thing to buy a piece of anodizing equipment; it is quite another building an anodizing system in your factory. The more you learn about the process the more you realize how little you know!  One question leads to another – So you think maybe you better hire one or two anodizing experts before you get wet… Good idea! 

Anodizing Experts Tend to Specialize

Anodizing experts come in all shapes and sizes. All anodizing experts tend to specialize in one or more aspects of the game. Some are better with anodizing chemistry. Others are really good at specifying the anodizing equipment and others are terrific at process and finish control.  However, just because a person is skilled at one aspect of anodizing does not mean he or she is skilled at all aspects of anodizing. You need to find out what the person you are hiring really knows and what they do not.

Anodizing Experts – Full or Part Time?

“Know thyself…”   Is it better to hire full time anodizing experts or part time?  The answer is yes to both. Lets be clear…You must understand your needs before you hire anyone. That means you need to do your homework. You will find that as you get deeper into the anodizing business the periodic use of part time anodizing experts is a dynamite tool for solving specific problems and adding efficiency and capability to your business.  As the operation gets going, you will of course need to have someone full time to operate the system. But many times what you need is knowledge and information, not bodies hanging around.

Anodizing Experts, Consultants – The Bottom Line

The bottom line in hiring anodizing experts is to know your specific needs at specific times in your anodizing career – your needs will change as your anodizing operation grows.  As you move from equipment design and specification – from construction to full production you will need different kinds of anodizing experts. 

I suggest you take our free series of anodizing classes. It is a good place to start thinking about what kind of anodizing experts you may need to hire.

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