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This is your source for better understanding the fast growing field of Aluminum Anodizing Equipment for the aerospace, industrial and commercial sectors of the world economy.

Anodizingequipment.com is owned and operated by IPEC Global, Inc. We are a Nevada Corporation, with manufacturing based in Southern California and sales in the Pacific Northwest.

We have been a leader in supplying aluminum anodizing equipment, electroplating and other metal finishing systems as well as wastewater treatment / rinse water recycling systems for over 40 years.

This site will focus on Aluminum Anodizing Equipment for:

  • Machine Shop Anodizng for all aluminum products
  • Aerospace hardware and related components
  • Automotive, Motorcycle
  • Specialty consumer products

We want to be your supplier for aluminum anodizing equipment.

The need for aluminum anodizing equipment …

…is growing and the technology is changing moment by moment. Our goal at anodizingequipment.com is to keep you informed about new innovations and systems design as they happen.

Titanium Anodizing Equipment

You can also get the latest information about titanium anodizing on our newest site www.anodizetitanium.com . This site will bring you up to speed on one of the hottest new fields of metal finishing.

The information and products we offer on www.anodizingequipment.com are designed to help bring aluminum anodizing into your world. We are committed do this step by step and to earn your confidence the same way!

For more information about aluminum anodizing equipment and how you can begin anodizing your own products please use our contact form.