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Anodizing Experts & Consultants – Know Thyself First!

by Ken Emilio
anodizingequipment.comAnodizing Experts & Consultants

Let’s say that your company is outsourcing a lot of anodizing. And you have made the decision to bring anodizing in house. You got on the internet or found a trade publication and contacted a couple of anodizing equipment companies and maybe even got a few bids.  The ..read more

Writing Anodizing Equipment Specifications

by Ken Emilio
Anodize Equipment ExpertsAnodizing Equipment Specifications -Why Buy It?


Before you can ever hope to get competitive pricing for anodizing equipment, you must have a preliminary specification that you can give to the equipment vendors. It is not enough to “pick the brain” of an anodizing equipment vendor. With all of the options out there you could be spending ..read more

Anodizing Experts & Consultants - Know Thyself First!