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by Mark Emilio
bench-style chemfilm chromate conversion lineAdding Chemfilm Processing to Your Facility

If you are thinking about adding a process line to your facility to do chemfilm, most of the articles, classes and information presented by this website are applicable to the chemfilm process, also known as chromate conversion coating or Alodine.  This process is usually guided by MIL-DTL-5541 or AMS-2473, and the pre-process operations, such as the cleaner, more

How to Anodize Aluminum

by Mark Emilio
How to Anodize Aluminum Type II Class I, OverviewHow to Anodize Aluminum

We are often asked for a general description of the process steps to define how to anodize aluminum.   Here is an overview of what a typical industrial aluminum anodizing line would involve.  Note that we are assuming the parts have already been thoroughly cleaned, masked and rack-mounted prior to the chemical processing done here. more

Aluminum Anodizing – Rinsing Tips

by Mark Emilio
Titanium AnodizingAluminum Anodizing – Rinsing Tips 

How Important IS Quality Rinsing?  … VERY!! 


Aluminum Anodizing – Rinsing with DI (Deionized) Water

Tap or industrial water has contaminants – usually calcium, sodium and magnesium. These are salts which can cause spots on the surface of cleaned parts and these spots can interfere with aluminum anodizing quality.  

Rinse water more

Anodize Type I, II, III – A Quick Study

by Ken Emilio
anodizeequipment.comTYPE I, II, III  Anodize – Quick Study  

Can you give me a quick and easy definition the Types of Aluminum Anodizing? A “quick and easy” definition will never be complete… but here goes. The following comments are a non-technical response to the question. If you want a detailed description of each process more

Machine Shop Anodizing – You Can Do It!

by Ken Emilio
Anodizingequipment.comMachine Shop Anodizing In- House – Comes of Age!


Can I do Anodizing in My Machine Shop?

Yes you can! Small modular anodizing systems for machine shops are becoming more available and affordable. Prices for modular systems capable of anodizing aluminum or titanium parts up to 1 cubic foot can cost from $35,000 more

Machine Shop Anodizing - You Can Do It!