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Anodizing Kits

by Mark Emilio
Using an IPEC tabletop Anodizing KitAnodizing Kits

Many of the people who happen onto one of our websites looking for anodizing or plating equipment are really more interested in  very small “anodizing kits” rather than the larger anodizing lines that we usually design and build.  Many of them will then ask us what the differences are between the anodizing more

Aluminum and Titanium Anodizing Equipment – Can we use one line for both?

by Mark Emilio
aluminum anodizing equipment process stepsAluminum and Titanium Anodizing Equipment

Since we are an anodizing equipment manufacturer for both aluminum and titanium anodizing, we have some potential customers ask us about doing aluminum and titanium anodizing in a single line (changing out chemistries, so not at the same time).  The two processes are different enough that the design does not lend itself more

Aluminum Anodizing Machines & Tools

by Staff
aluminum anodizing machinesAluminum Anodizing Machines

You are a custom high-tech machine shop and have a desire to look into purchasing aluminum anodizing machines and tools. But you do not have a clue about how to begin looking.  This website was designed specifically to help you get the information you need quickly and to make the right more

Aluminum Anodizing Consoles

by Mark Emilio

Learn about the new  All-In-One Aluminum Anodizing Consoles from IPEC Global.  This document discusses console features, sizes and the number of process baths offered.  Also shown are ancillary components and information about how easy it is to install an Aluminum Anodizing system at your company.

Get The Information  Here:   Aluminum Anodizing Consoles Brochure

Modular Anodizing Equipment – Solutions

by Mark Emilio

Aluminum and Titanium Anodizing chemistry have made impressive improvements over the past 30 years.  But little has changed in how the anodizing equipment itself is designed or built with respect to installation costs, new building codes and the reality of  environmental concerns in 2010.  Enter the Modular System Concept from IPEC.

Get the information here:   Modular more

Modular Anodizing Equipment - Solutions