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Small Anodizing Systems

June 21, 2016
A Small Aluminum Anodizing Line for ProductionSmall Aluminum Anodizing Systems

Some customers have small parts and only do small quantities of parts, but because of the lead times, shipping costs or quality issues, they consider buying a small anodizing system to do their work.  We can also provide these small anodizing systems if those are right for your needs.

  Most of our more

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Hard Anodizing Heat Exchangers

August 26, 2015

Over a number of years, Southwest United Industries in Tulsa, Oklahoma has successfully heated many process chemistries using Thermax2 heat exchangers driven by steam. But it was a troublesome cooling application that recently has brought United their greatest satisfaction with Thermax2 . Southwest was experiencing failures of 316L stainless steel coils in their 12% hard more

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March 11, 2011
bench-style chemfilm chromate conversion lineAdding Chemfilm Processing to Your Facility

If you are thinking about adding a process line to your facility to do chemfilm, most of the articles, classes and information presented by this website are applicable to the chemfilm process, also known as chromate conversion coating or Alodine.  This process is usually guided by MIL-DTL-5541 or AMS-2473, and the pre-process operations, such as the cleaner, more

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Anodizing Kits

March 7, 2011
Using an IPEC tabletop Anodizing KitAnodizing Kits

Many of the people who happen onto one of our websites looking for anodizing or plating equipment are really more interested in  very small “anodizing kits” rather than the larger anodizing lines that we usually design and build.  Many of them will then ask us what the differences are between the anodizing more

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Aluminum and Titanium Anodizing Equipment – Can we use one line for both?

February 14, 2011
aluminum anodizing equipment process stepsAluminum and Titanium Anodizing Equipment

Since we are an anodizing equipment manufacturer for both aluminum and titanium anodizing, we have some potential customers ask us about doing aluminum and titanium anodizing in a single line (changing out chemistries, so not at the same time).  The two processes are different enough that the design does not lend itself more

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