Aluminum Anodizing Machines & Tools

Aluminum Anodizing Machines

You are a custom high-tech machine shop and have a desire to look into purchasing aluminum anodizing machines and tools. But you do not have a clue about how to begin looking.  This website was designed specifically to help you get the information you need quickly and to make the right purchasing decision.   

Aluminum anodizing machines and tools come in all kinds of sizes and configurations based upon the products and quantities you need

aluminum anodizing machine with hoist

An IPEC-designed Aluminum Anodizing and Chemfilm Line with a manual hoist


 Aluminum Anodizing Machines


 A couple of different sizes and shapes of aluminum anodizing machines can be seen here (extremely small and extremely large).   

small aluminum anodizing machine

small tabletop aluminum anodizing machine

Aluminum Anodizing Machines – Common Elements

Here are some elements that are common to designing and  implementing every aluminum anodizing machine and system.

  • Aluminum Anodizing Process – You need to determine each step of the process.
  • Chemical / Mechanical cleaning and surface preparation of your parts.
  • Desmut – Is it necessary?
  • Rinsing techniques – Learning the best methods
  • Aluminum anodizing tanks – How are they constructed and why?
  • Anodizing chemistry / electrolytes – Which one is best for you?
  • Aluminum anodizing voltage & current control – How do you choose a DC power supply?
  • Aluminum Anodizing racks and part holders – How are they designed and why?
  • What exhaust air and wastewater treatment equipment may be needed?
  • How might different wastewater treatment methodologies and needs affect the design of the anodizing line?


Aluminum Anodizing Machines – The Best Place to Start

The best place to start looking is to review this site and take the free classes we offer on the right side panel.  These classes are offered to give a brief overview of what designing and installing an Aluminum Anodizing Machine or Line entails, and to help you answer the question of whether it is right for your particular company.  If you are already convinced that it is right for your company, you can also click on the “Request A Quote” button and answer a few questions so we can put together a no-obligation proposal for the finish, process and aluminum anodizing machines and tools that are right for you.

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